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Shaolin Kungfu Zen guides students toward a harmony of spirit and body along with the achievement of personal goals. Shaolin Kungfu combines physical discipline and movement with Zen meditation during extensive practice with Shaolin boxing and traditional weapons. We promote modern martial arts methods and moral integrity so students benefit from Shaolin philosophy and traditional Chinese Shaolin Buddhist culture.

“As you are determined, unexpected rewards come”



We maintain martial arts etiquette in every class. Our goal is to foster strong mentoring relationships, diligent work, and learning together the five hallmarks of Wushu. These are folk culture, health education, hand and body movements, wrestle and capture techniques, and traditional weapons usage. Our practices are rigorous and incorporate the fundamentals of Kungfu: mental focus, breathing, stretching and flexibility, stance and posture, punching and kicking.

Shaolin Kungfu Zen offers clear and measurable goals supported by current international martial arts guidelines to advance the student through the nine levels of Kungfu in 16 steps. We guide students in honing powerful physical skills and developing a natural understanding of historical and philosophical Shaolin Kungfu Zen culture.

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Coming Events

The 38th Annual Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival

Performance key information:
What:Almaden Valley Annual Art & Wine Festival
Where:Almaden Lake Park
When:Sunday, Sept 14, 2014
Main stage 12:30pm—12:45pm
Children’s stage 2pm—2:30pm

The 38th Annual Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival will be held on Sunday, September 14, Shaolin Kungfu Zen Academy was invited for this event to do a Kungfu performance. If you would like to attend this performance please register now!

We were invited the Main stage entertainment and Children area for performance. So that our students are encouraged to take advantage of the various opportunities not only for shining your talent, but also catching every moment to build self confidence and team work experience.

Please note:
Requirements for Main stage:
A.school team members must be attending
B.ages 10year old up
C.levels Purple black up
D.limited 12-15members
E.wearing uniforms

Requirements for Children’s stage:
A.all ages
B.levels yellow belt up
C.limited 20members
D.studio uniforms clean and neat