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About Shaolin Kungfu Zen - history and mastery

Shaolin Kungfu Zen guides students toward a harmony of spirit and body along with the achievement of personal goals. Shaolin Kungfu combines physical discipline and movement with Zen meditation during extensive practice with Shaolin boxing and traditional weapons. We promote modern martial arts methods and moral integrity so students benefit from Shaolin philosophy and traditional Chinese Shaolin Buddhist culture.

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Classes at Shaolin Kungfu Zen, San Jose

We maintain martial arts etiquette in every class. Our goal is to foster strong mentoring relationships, diligent work, and learning together the five hallmarks of Wushu. These are folk culture, health education, hand and body movements, wrestle and capture techniques, and traditional weapons usage. Our practices are rigorous and incorporate the fundamentals of Kungfu: mental focus, breathing, stretching and flexibility, stance and posture, punching and kicking.

Shaolin Kungfu Zen offers clear and measurable goals supported by current international martial arts guidelines to advance the student through the nine levels of Kungfu in 16 steps. We guide students in honing powerful physical skills and developing a natural understanding of historical and philosophical Shaolin Kungfu Zen culture.

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July 4/5/6 For Saturday, Sunday & Monday there will be a break. July 7 Classes will resume.

2015 SKZ performing INFO

Staff at SKZ will be holding a series of programs to help cultivate our students and help them grow. SKZ will be performing at the Multi-Cultural Events at a series of schools. Students who wish to perform are free to sign up to gain experience and help their confidence. Students will be encouraged to practice as a group for a fun experience. Other students will be assigned to perform more individually to aid with their development in Kung Fu. SKZ encourages students to participate in a series of ways to help them mature faster. Performances help students perform in front of crowds and gain confidence. Students will learn how to deal with pressure more effectively. The schools associated with the Multi-Cultural Events will be listed along with the time and date of the performances. We encourage our students to enjoy exhibiting their own talents to others. Students with experience in performing will do better in classes over all.

Tournament Information

Students who enter tournaments will be self-fulfilled and will have a sense of accomplishment regardless of how they score. Going to a tournament is a way of showing our students how deep they are in their training. Students who are normally afraid or shy will be thrown into an uncomfortable environment to overcome their fears of shyness or stage fright. Students who are regulars at tournaments will be entering with a more competitive nature. SKZ wishes to bring out sportsmanship and competitive spirits of our students. We also wish to help our more shy and reserved students become more active and outgoing.