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Heading to Wudang Mountain

USA Traditional Wushu Team heading to Wudang Mountain for 4WTWC
Chinese Team Name: 少林功夫禅 – 美国传统武术代表队
English Team Name: USA Wushu Kungfu Federation-Shaolin Kungfu Zen Team

“Shaolin leading the North and Wudang representing the South” has always been mentioned in China traditional martial arts arena! As you may be aware of, this year’s “Fourth World Traditional Wushu Championships” will soon take place in Wudang Mountain located in Shiyan city. And, with great expectation, Master Ye will lead his elite team from USA Shaolin Kungfu Zen Academy together with contestants from other states to participate this event.
Occurring every other year with recognition of International Olympic Wushu Association plus sponsored by USAWKF, Chinese Wushu Association and Government of Hubei Province, 4WTWC is hosting this year’s event in Wudang mountain with the most diversified categories and numerous contestants from all parts of the world up to 60 to 80 countries for this foremost event in China.
This Year, all USA athletes competing in 4WTWC have been selected through National Wushu Championship taking place in San Jose during mid July orchestrated by Li’s Wushu Academy and will be heading their way to 4WTWC under the leadership of Master Ye as Team leader and Head coach.. While meeting other delegates from around the world to share the enthusiasm and passion of Wushu , 2010 USAWKF SKZ team will also be able to experience the Whushu Culture as well as prove to themselves through the 4WTWC platform as well.
2010 USAWKF SKZ team is consisting of the following FYI:
*Team Leader/Head Coach: Master Xinglie Ye
*Special Coach and team member: Shifu Gang Ye
*Coach: Shifu Rafael S. Rivero
*Deputy Team Leader: Mike Jiang
*Operations Officer: Jason Rockhill
*Legal Consultant: Tom Stutzman
*Contestant::Jason Rockhill, Mike Jiang, Kenneth D.Tobin, Kevan Hom, Anthony Chen, Tony Leng, Tom Stutzman

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