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Welcome home, USAWKF

Welcome USAWKF-Shaolin Kungfu Zen Team back from 4th WTWC
With great success and outstanding achievement, USAWKF-Shaolin Kungfu Zen Team has safely returned from 4th World Traditional Wushu Championship at Wudang Mountain, Shiyan city in China while taking a “special trip” to Shaolin Temple as well. Consisting of 18 members of which 11 were contestants with others as coach and families, USAWKF SKZ team did win 8 silver medals, 3 bronze medals and many honor/recognition by 4WTWC under the guide line of “Safety first, Friendship always and Medals will follow”.
Occurring every other year with recognition of International Olympic Wushu
Association plus sponsored by USAWKF, Chinese Wushu Association and Government
of Hubei Province, 4WTWC is hosting this year’s event in Wudang
Mountain,Shiyan city with the most diversified categories and more than 2300 contestants from 86
countries for this foremost event in China from 10-16 to 10-22..

As the Team leader and Head coach of USAWKF Shaolin Kungfu Zen Team, I would like to express our gratitude on the support of USAWKF and the hospitality of Hubei province, Shiyan city for this meaningful and unforgettable 4WTWC on behalf the following members:

Head Coach and Team Leader:Xinglie YeDeputy Team Leader:Mike Jiang
Special Coach in China:Gang YeCoach: Rafael S. Rivero
Operations officer: Jason Rockhill
Legal Consultant: Tom Stutzman
Observer: Kenneth D.Tobin, Kenn Magnum, Hector Martinez, Monica Gonzalez, Gladys Feliciano, and Cecilia E. Roussellot.
Athlete: Xinglie Ye, Gang Ye, Jason Rockhill, Mike Jiang, Kevan Hom, Anthony Chen, Tony Leng, Tom Stutzman, Andre Magnum, Kyle Loehr, and Maria A. Martinez


比赛 October 16, 2010