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News 2010

On September 19, Shaolin Kungfu Zen Show
What: 1st Moon Festival Silicon Valley
When: 9/18 and 9/19/2010
Where: 6148 Bollinger Road, West San Jose, CA 95129

On September 19, 34 th Annual Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival is coming up on this Sunday at Almaden Lake!!! 
Dear SKZ’s Students,
The 34 th Annual Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival will be held on this Sunday, September 19, 2010. Shaolin Kungfu Zen Academy is invited by this event for Kungfu performance. If you would like to attend this performance please register soon!

On May 7, William Elementary School invited our students to perform for HICD, we organize 28 students who are from William School to participate. This performance is very successful with our systemic organizing.More Information Click here

On April 18, our students 20numbers have participated InMAT to got excellent score, we are very proud of them:
1、Jenny Tai two of 1st place & one of 2nd place
2、Aaron Wang one of 1st place & one 2nd place
3、David Colman one of 1st place & one 3rd plac
4、Benjinman one of 2nd place & one 3rd place
5、Melissa Hong one of 1st & one 2nd place
6、Mike Jiang one of 1st
7、Jason Rockhill one 1st & 2nd place
8、Kanish one of 3rd place
9、Thomas one of 2nd place & one of 1st place
10、Ariaz one of 2nd place & 3rd of place
11、Willam two of 1st place
12、Kai Allas one of 2nd place Click here Click here

Wushu-Kungfu Championships-Exclusive Event for Everyone
General Information:
Date: July 16—18, 2010
Location: San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA
Registration deadline: Opens May 1, 2010, and closed on June 4, 2010 at 24h (12 midnight) (
Registration Fee:
* USA National & International Wushu Championships (individual & Team): the fee is $60 for the first category, $20 for each additional category (including Jiti event).
* USA National Junior Wushu Team Trials: Each competitor must register for two categories (no upper limit). The fee for each category is $60.
This is an annual competition at the national level for athletes of all ages and levels. U.S. citizenship or U.S permanent residency is required for participation. Competitions include traditional Wushu, Modern Wushu, Taijiquan, Health Qigong, etc.
The purpose of this biennial event is to select the National Junior Team to represent the US at Junior World Championships. 36 junior athletes will be selected for the USA National Junior Wushu Team and the top 12 junior athletes will compete in the 3 rd World Junior Wushu Championship in Singapore, December 2-9, 2010. U.S citizenship is required for participation. Members selected will serve on the National Team for 2 years.
Contact: Nicole Wu 408-806 0155 Email:

Shaolin Kungfu Zen Shifus Participate Chinese American Scouting Association (CASA) Event
On March 28, Shaolin Kungfu Zen’s Shifu went to Santa Teresa to participate the special event of archery from CASA No. 606 Boy Scouting. The event was very successful with Shifu Xing and Cooper kindly helping, and also we are so proud of our students’ good respect and discipline in this event

Health Qigong for the World
—–Health Qigong: A Traditional Health-Preserving Regimen from China
“ Yi Jin Jing” & “Wu Qin Xi”
“Yi Jin Jing”, composed of 12 sets of movements, was originally an exercise that monks of Shaolin Temple practiced to strengthen physique and improve martial art skills. “Wu Qin Xi”, by imitating movements and postures of five animals, aims to enhance fitness, good health and longevity. These two types of health Qigong were developed more than two thousand years ago, which are evidenced by the culture relic of “Dao Yin Tu” “Map of Guiding Qi” unearthed in Changsha, Hunan province of China.
“ Liu Zi Jue” & “Ba Duan Jin”
“Liu Zi Jue”, composed of 6 sections, is Qigong practice form focusing on breathing with movements. Originating form Taoist and medical schools, this form emerged in the Southern and Northern Dynasties was developed in the Tang and Song dynasties and grew mature in the Ming and Qing dynasties. “Ba Duan Jin”, consisting of 8 movements, was derived form the concept of Eight Diagrams in “Yi Jing” ( Book of Changes ) and first appeared in the Southern Song Dynasty. The exercise can be practiced either in standing or in sitting. “Ba Duan Jin” here is mainly applied in standing styles.

SKZ’S Demo Team Performance at Evergreen Valley Community College
On March 25 th, Shaolin Kungfu Zen Academy performed at the Evergreen Valley Community College for the second time. Shaolin Kungfu Zen Academy hosted a second event for EVC’s (SACNAS) Club. A club dedicated for Hispanic and Native Americans that are studying in Engineering and Science.

Spring Festival Silicon Valley 2010
On February 20, 2010 Master Xing was invited by Chinese Performing Arts of America to show Shaolin Kungfu Zen for Spring Festival Silicon Valley 2010.

Lion Dance Show at Almaden Library
On February 27, 2010 Shaolin Kungfu Zen Demo Team has participated Chinese New Year Celebration at San Jose Library. Shaolin Kungfu Zen performed very nice show on this event.

Last two weeks we have participated 2 great events, the first was on 9th Annual Fundraising Event for Leland High School; the second was a celebration for Chinese New Year at Sunnyvale. With the good performance of our team plus beautiful new lions from the good will of our kind parents and students, these shows were very successful. When New Year of golden tiger is arriving, we really want to express our gratefulness for your enthusiastic contribution! 美国少林功夫禅祝大家虎年快乐,虎虎生威

Sunnyvale 2010 Chinese New Year Celebration
On February 6, 2010, we were invited by Chinese American Scouting Association for Chinese New Year Celebration at Sunnyvale. Thanks to the great participation of Ramsey, Jason, Philip, Mike, Shifu Cooper, Daniel and Ethan in this event.

2010 Leland Bridge Night (9 th Annual Fundraising Event for Leland High School)
On Jan. 31, 2010, With Chinese New Year coming, Shaolin Kungfu Zen was invited by Leland High School for Leland Bridge Night performance, which was an annual fundraising event. Master Xing leaded the Demo Team and Wushu Team students to perform Chinese Traditional Lion Dance and Kungfu Zen for opening ceremony. It was a great show published on the Almaden Valley Time Newspaper. We are proud of following participants: Shifu Xing, Shifu Cooper, Mike Jiang, Jason Rockhill, Erick Suarez, Lee Hsieh.