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City Exchange 2011

San Jose City Councilmember Exchanging Program

With the greatest honor and pleasure, Shaolin Kungfu Zen was able to invite Mr. Kansen Chu. San Jose City Councilmember, to visit our Studio on March 13, Sunday afternoon , to participate Spring 2011, Demonstration and Belt Advancing Test.

Through Lion Dance, Team performance, and featured SKZ Yell” Yi-Ha, Ha-Ha” , all participants including Mr. and Mrs. Chu did experience the passion and enthusiasm of Shaolin Kungfu Zen of which SKZ did bring the best out of ourselves as we always have been while fulfilling ourselves and caring for others.

Mr. Chu then concluded this great event with a Speech and a “Plaque of Recognition” to Shaolin Kungfu Zen acknowledging SKZ’s achievement of passing down this unique Shaolin Kungfu of Chinese Culture and further elaborating SKZ’s important role of future Wushu promotion as well.

San Jose 市议员朱感生夫妇到武馆交流
2011年3月13日。少林功夫禅-美国传统武术代表队举行盛大的春季武考交流会,同时接待了San Jose 市议员朱感生夫妇。朱议员夫妇的到来受到少林功夫禅众多师生员工的欢迎,叶兴烈院长致欢迎词,并介绍了少林功夫禅成立以来在湾区发展的情况,欢迎会上议员夫妇和众多来宾观看了学员们精彩的传统武术表演,而少林功夫禅的技术表现形式之一“咦-哈-哈哈”,也在交流会上让众多来宾一同体会到其核心价值就是“聚气以养生,发力以技击”。交流会整个过程在主持人的引导下轻松愉快,朱议员也应邀给通过晋级的同学颁发和资格证书,同时代表San J ose 向少林功夫禅学院颁发了感谢状。

San Jose City Councilmember Exchanging Program
April 25, 2011