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Tiger Claw Kungfu Championship – June 4

Tiger Claw Kungfu championship tournament

June 4 th, 2011 had Shaolin Kungfu Zen participating in many facets of the Tiger Claw 3 rd Annual National Championships, held at the San Jose Convention Center. Over 30 students took the opportunity to challenge themselves and support their fellow classmates through competition, volunteering, judging and even performing during the Master’s Ceremonies. Congratulations to you all.
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Here are some comments from competitors, performers and judges that attended:
Jason – Judge/Performer “For myself, this was my first opportunity to judge form competition and the experience was enriching. I witnessed many classmates supporting others and giving it their best, with dignity and determination.”

Vincent – Competitor/Performer “Other competitors helped me identify what the judges were looking for and helped me recognize positive and negative aspect of other people’s performance so that I can apply that knowledge to my own forms” .

Ramsey – Competitor/Performer “Through competition we don’t compete with others we compete with ourselves and through practice we can make ourselves better.”

Matt – Volunteer/Performer “I wish I did compete; it seemed like a lot of fun, but I was able to help with photography during the competition, and perform at the end”

Mike – Judge/Performer “I have become more confident through judging as it provided for more self esteem, so that I can better apply myself.”

Master Ye – You all did a great job, Shaolin Kungfu Zen dispatched 3 sets of resources to the competition Judges, Competitors, and Volunteers. We not only challenged ourselves, but helped others through our assistance in this event. Practice will promote more self confidence; you can overcome through practice and competition.