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Master Ganhong Men in August!

Master Ganhong Men 太极传人门敢红2012年8月在少林功夫禅开课
Date: 8/11/2012, 8/18/2012
Time: 4:30-5:20 pm
Add: 1161 Redmond Ave., San Jose CA 95120

Master Ganhong Men, also known as Moon KH, was born to a well known Wushu family and began learning Wushu at the age of five years old. After graduating from Beijing Sport University in 1993, Moon KH coached at Beijing Wushu Institute and successfully trained many Wushu students to become champions. Achieving high scores at Beijing City Wushu Competition several times, she went on to train and teach in twenty some countries and received praises. Students taught by Moon KH went on to become gold medalist in Olympic, European Wushu Championship and International Wushu Championships.

In 1994, Awarded gold medals in Chen Style(陈式) Taichi Chuan and Sun Style(孙式) Taichi Chuan at the Beijing International Wushu Taichi Chuan, Sword Invitation Tournament. In 1994, 1995 and 1996 Beijing City Taichi Chuan Competition and National Taichi Chuan, Sword Pushing Hands Championship she received both gold and silver medals in Chen Style(陈式) Taichi Chuan and Sun Style(孙式)Taichi Chuan.
In 1994 Chuan Style(陈式) 56 Form Taichi Chuan educational video was produced, in 1995 32 Form Taichi Sword Education 40 Version was produced and viewed on Central CCTV4. Also in 1996 42 Form Taichi Sword educational video and later in made into CD format. In 2003 wrote a book together with her mother Professor Kan Gui Xiang (阚桂香)(Chinese Wushu 9 Duan) titled Chen Style Taichi Chuan Five 공 팔법13 Style.
Came to Korea and married in March 1998 and was enrolled in Myongji University Master’s program from March 1999 till opening Taichi Chuan Center in February 2001. In the same year became accredited International Wushu/Taichi Judge. Since then she has served as International Wushu/Taichi Judge in 2001 Armenia International Wushu Championship, Busan Asian Game in 2002, Beijing Asian Youth Wushu Championship, Macau International Wushu Championship Match in 2003, Singapore Asian Youth Wushu Championship in 2004 and National Wushu Championship Game in 2007. She has made significant contribution in improving the Korean Wushu team to international level. In 2008 she was accredited as Chinese Wushu 7 Duan.
After coming to Korea, she has taught at Myongji University, Seoul SongKok Junior High School, Seoul Asan Medical Center, China Cultural Center in Seoul, Han Shin Theologian University and etc. In August 2009, she successfully coordinated the First International Taichi for Health Competition co-sponsored by China Cultural Center and Korea China Cultural Exchange Association.