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SKZ Kung Fu Performance 9/11/2016

40th Annual Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival Sunday – September 11, 2016

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Every year, the Almaden Valley Women’s Club presents its signature fundraising event – the Almaden Valley Art and Wine Festival. All of the proceeds and earnings from the festival are donated to non-profit organizations, schools and to student scholarships. The festival has been held every year in Almaden Lake Park every year since 1976 and still continues to this day. Voted one of the best festivals in San Jose, the Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival hosts local musicians, performance groups and has allowed SKZ to perform for the kid’s stage and main stage.

 On the Sunday of September 11, 2016, almost 40 students came to Almaden Lake Park for the kid’s stage performance and the main stage performance. Students battled stage fright and performed their very best.

 Student Feedback:

Although I did not want to preform at the Art and Wine Festival at first, I decided it was best for me to go and preform. I usually do not participate in performances and competitions, so it felt good to preform again. Although I messed up a little in the forms, I took it as places I needed to improve and was a very good learning experience for me.Yuji ( Middle school student)

Art and wine festival preformance 

I enjoy preforming on stage in front of an audience most of the time. Sometimes I get nervous but in the end, it’s always worth it. This festival was fun and I liked doing the fan form, even though I messed up at the end. I had a good time during this, and also had fun watching my classmates. It was a good preformance, and I don’t regret being a part of it at all. Karen (middle school student)

Parent Feedback:

Glad that my daughter, Tia participated in the school team performance at the Almaden Art and Wine festival this year. The entire family was so proud of her excellent progress under ShiFu’s guidance. The many years of hard work was seen in Tia’s graceful and agile output. We look forward to continue to support Tia and Shaolin Kung Fu Zen’s dedication to the martial arts endeavor.

Lisa Luc (Tia’s mom)

Students go to performances to experience a change in their surroundings to make them feel uncomfortable on purpose. Students who perform may undergo changes after seeing how well they do at performances. We want students to experience changes to understand the meaning of Shaolin Spirit. The feeling of wanting to get better even if they have to struggle and work hard will help them not only in Kung Fu but everyday life.

 Students who perform also help spread Kung Fu culture to places and people who may not know about Kung Fu. By spreading Kung Fu culture, people are able to share knowledge on spiritual, physical and mental health along with the pursuit of longevity through health and exersize.

 Parents who come to these performances get to witness the growth and development of their children. Some parents are speechless and become teary eyed when witnessing their children’s growth into strong and healthy individuals. Much of the audience enjoy the performances to the point of wishing for encores.