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Derek Huang Age:17 Level: Black Belt

I started Kung-Fu when I was 5 years old. Up until high school I’ve kept a very consistent schedule of going to classes. Even after starting high school I still fit Kung-Fu in among all my other extracurricular activities. Whenever I think about Kung-Fu my mind always returns to what another student said:

Kung-Fu (and the path to black belt) is a journey, and the black belt is not the final destination.This comment is really meaningful for me since it also applies to my current situation. As I get ready to go to college, I will keep this saying in my mind, “This serves as a reminder that it’s not just college that will define my life, but everything that I did in order to get to this point.”

Undecided. I’m waiting for more acceptances.Computer Science One of the major lessons that Kung-Fu has ingrained into me is to always try my hardest and push even harder. There have always been times where I’ve had to make hard decisions. Whether it’s finishing a hard essay or working with troubled students at my part-time job. I can never find it in me to just give up. It is this mentality that Kung-Fu has helped me build over the years. I have practiced it.

Keep going, even if it seems too hard or too troublesome. As long as you know what you are doing, you will benefit you in the long run. Keep going.

My advice for other students new and old is to put in the work.

Regardless of how you guys got introduced to Kung-Fu, whether it’s from family members or movies, it’s really easy to just do minimal work. It’s really easy to just look at other people and think about how good they are instead of trying to figure out ways to improve yourself.

As far as this advice goes, the thought is not the important part, but the action that follows is.

Towards the future, I’ll continue to pursue some physical activity. Whether that activity is another sport or Kungfu, I’ll still be happy.

Kungfu has become a part of my life and it would feel like such a waste if I just treated it as a way to get into college, instead of something that is more long term.