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Kansen Chu – Part 1Kansen Chu – Part 1

Kansen Chu – Part 1

Mr. Chu is a member of the San Jose City Council. It was our greatest honor and pleasure to invite him to our studio to perform for him.

Kansen Chu – Part 2Kansen Chu – Part 2

Kansen Chu – Part 2

Leland High School – Part 1Leland High School – Part 1

Leland High School – Part 1

On Jan. 31, 2010, with Chinese New Year coming, Shaolin Kungfu Zen was invited by Leland High School for Leland Bridge Night performance, which was an annual fundraising event.

Leland High School – Part 2Leland High School – Part 2

Leland High School – Part 2

Almaden Lake, 2012Almaden Lake, 2012

Almaden Lake, 2012



Lianhuanquan |  Zen FistLianhuanquan |  Zen Fist

Lianhuanquan | Zen Fist

教学 连环拳

Evergreen Valley CollegeEvergreen Valley College

Evergreen Valley College

Shaolin Kungfu Zen peformed at Evergreen Valley College on April 16, 2009.

Kid’s ClassKid’s Class

Kid’s Class

Adult ClassAdult Class

Adult Class