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Preschool Classes (Up to Age 6)

The Kungfu Panda, Little Tiger and Super Dragon classes together advance students through ten levels of Kungfu study.  Students are promoted as they progress through each level. Upon completion of the classes, the children will have gained an overall knowledge of Kungfu to use as they advance to the Elementary Age Classes.

  • Kungfu Panda

    In this beginning level class for ages 3-6, students are instructed according to their unique personality and abilities. The focus of the Kungfu Panda class is learning to enjoy traditional Kungfu forms while having fun along with physical challenge.

  • Little Tiger

    After students complete Kungfu Panda, they are promoted to Little Tiger. In this intermediate class for children ages 3-6, students continue to progress through the established ranks of Kungfu, with an added emphasis on achieving clear, measurable goals. As each student continues through the levels of study, they will receive recognition of the ranks they have attained.

  • Super Dragon

    Students who have completed Little Tiger training are prepared for Super Dragon. This class is also for children ages 3-6, and is an advanced class guiding students through completion of the ten established ranks. Super Dragon students will learn to fully incorporate physical and mental disciplines to achieve a broad knowledge of Kungfu and preparation for further study at in the Elementary Age Classes.


General Kungfu Classes

Shaolin Kungfu Zen’s General Kungfu Classes are divided by age, but the curriculum is consistent throughout:

  • Elementary Age Classes (Ages 7-12)
  • Teen Classes (Ages 13-18)
  • Adult Classes

The method of teaching becomes more complex and focused for the older students and adults, allowing them achieve higher demonstrable skill levels and a deeper understanding of the philosophies of Shaolin Kungfu Zen.
Instruction is divided into nine levels and sixteen steps, which comprise the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes. The course of study includes basic stances, kicks, and fighting techniques, as well as barehanded and traditional weapon forms. The philosophy and cultural knowledge of Shaolin Kungfu Zen is woven throughout the curriculum. A student progressing through all levels of study will gain a comprehensive understanding of the martial arts culture.

  • Beginner Kungfu

    In the Beginner Classes, students are taught and encouraged according to their individual physical and cognitive abilities. The focus for this class is flexibility, concentration, and sharing passion for the art of Kungfu.

  • Intermediate Kungfu

    Advancement into the Intermediate Class allows students to continue through the established ranks of Kungfu and to achieve well-defined and measurable goals. The student will continue to grow in understanding of Shaolin Kungfu Zen philosophy. As each student demonstrates completion of each level of study, they are promoted and recognized for their achievement.

  • Advanced Kungfu

    Skills and understanding developed in the Intermediate Class provide a basis for advancement through the ranks covered in the Advanced Classes. In the Advanced Class, students will be guided to mastery of each skill level according to their individual abilities. Achievement and progress through ranks is recognized and awarded. Students who complete the Advanced Classes will have a well-developed awareness of Shaolin Kungfu Zen culture and a comprehensive knowledge of martial arts.


Other Adult Classes

  • Taichi & Qigong

    The Taichi and Qigong Class is a health program which aims to develop a student’s fitness. Students are trained to understand how to achieve and maintain good health by means of a broad set of relevant skills. These objectives are achieved through Shaolin Kungfu Zen training. The student learns how to practice body control and breathing, and to rest and focus their mind to achieve mental and physical well-being and longevity.

    Taichi’s graceful, slow, martial movements, and relaxed, meditative breathing are combined with traditional routines including barehanded and Taichi sword movements. Taichi is a form of meditation and a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) health exercise regimen. The practice of Taichi assists with healthful aging and provides greater physical stability.

  • Kickboxing

    Chinese Kickboxing, or Sanda, is a form of combat. The simple concept of Sanda is two people fighting against each other without weapons.

    Four attacking methods are taught: kick, punch, wrestle, and control. 
Sanda combines skills of pose and technique. Training in Sanda will develop power in body, fast reflexes, and decision-making in martial challenges. Sanda has strict rules to ensure safety while sparring because Sanda movements can cause injury and disability.

    Sanda hones strength, endurance, flexibility, and adaptability, and improves a student’s physical and mental health.


Private Instruction

Shaolin Kungfun Zen offers private instruction at all age and skill levels. One-on-one interaction is an excellent opportunity for a student to progress through martial arts studies quickly, and to receive instruction that is tailored perfectly to their ability and skill level.  Private lessons also allow students to focus on a particular facet of martial arts that they would like to master in order to achieve their personal goals.

Special Classes

Watch for special events and news about opportunities to learn from visiting Masters of martial arts, community events for schools and youth, and other learning opportunities.