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Kaylee Wibowo

The reasons I've trained kung fu have changed over the years. When I was just a 6 year old, my main motivation was, frankly, my parents. At the time, I wasn't the biggest fan of martial arts, and it seemed pointless. However, as I grew, kungfu slowly became a constant in my life that I had grown to appreciate. When I became a black belt when I was 12, though, I was not sure as to how I should continue. My motivation for the longest time was to become a black belt, but I had just achieved that. Despite my indecisiveness, I still continued kung fu, hoping to find a new source of motivation. After a couple months of being a black belt, I realized: becoming a black belt was just the start. What I realized I could be motivated by, and what I'm still motivated by today is the possiblility for growth & learning. Learning new forms, polishing old ones, and striving to understand kung fu better is my biggest motivation.


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