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SKZ Kungfu Camp 4th week 7/25-7/29/2022

Keychains were the focus of today's class. Many of the students struggled to understand how to tie the knot, but they never gave up. In the end, all of the students ended up with not one, but two keychains, one for them and one for their parents.

The definition of “jian chi” is persistence. The first character “坚” means strong or unyielding, while the second character “持” means to hold or to manage.

The students have just finished practicing calligraphy, this week, we learned the writing for the character 坚持✊Jian Chi, which means persistence. Persistence is crucial when practicing Kung Fu.

The students are hard at work practicing flag. While this weapon appears very simple, it can be very unwieldy and tough on the hands.


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