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Why are we having a Tournament?

Our Purpose:

After the epidemic we’ve had a lot of new students, unfamiliar with the martial arts competition process, orientation and facilitation.

We want to help familiarize and build up the mentality for competitions first.


 Setting Goals:

While practicing alone, students often forget what they are working towards.

Competing with others inspires individuals to work harder towards a goal and helps them strive for improvement.

Most importantly, it helps each person formulate a roadmap to reach higher personal goals.



Participating in a tournament will give students a chance to perform outside of their comfort zone and bring their Kung Fu skills to a higher level.

Competitions help raise students’ awareness of both their strengths and weaknesses.

As they understand themselves more, they grow both mentally physically.


Tournament Benefits:

1.This is the ultimate opportunity to study, learn, and grow.

2.It is the most ideal situation to play an active role in competition and to learn to perform under stress.

3.This is a great opportunity to learn more about the diverse aspects of Kung Fu and the Kung Fu culture.

Tournament Divisions

Grouped Placements:

Spread your wings and soar!  

Challenger Placements:

Fly to new heights!          


Grand Champion:

Achieve excellence and fly higher!

Grouped Placements:

¨ The Grouped Placements category is gaining experience. Letting students experience things that are different and new enables them to grow..

¨ Students at all levels can join this Division.

¨ The Grouped Placement system will guarantee students are placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. (for more details see the regulations)

¨ The Grouped Placement is for students who want to compete to gain experience.

¨ All participants will receive a medal that matches their placement and certificate

Challenger Placements:

¨ This is the best time to learn more about yourself! Find out how you fair!

¨ Students at all levels can join this division.

¨ The Challenger Placements category only has 1 person per placement (only one person receives first place).

¨ 1st, 2nd and 3rd place participants will receive a trophy and certificate.

¨ Participants who place at 4th and below receive a certificate.

¨ The Challenger’s Competition is for students who improve themselves and their Kungfu.

Grand Champion:

¨ Everyone do your best to compete! Push your limits and achieve greatness!

¨ You must be purple belt and up to participate in this division.

¨ In this division, signing up with 3 forms is mandatory.

¨ The Grand Champion category only has 1 person per placement (only one person receives first place).

¨ 1st, 2nd and 3rd place participants will receive a trophy and certificate.

¨ Participants who place at 4th and below place and below will receive a certificate.

¨ The Grand Champion Competition is for students who wish to understand the depth of their current skill level in Kungfu.

¨ Grand Champion will win prize money.


Note: If there are less than three people in this grouping, your group will be merged with the Challenger Placement group. We will keep everyone updated about any changes.

SKZ Team Trials Qualifiers!


SKZ Team Trials Qualifiers!


What are the Team Trials?

The Team Trials is a scouting program for finding some more enthusiastic and devoted students. Students who qualify will be scouted and invited into the Team Class program. The top scores in either the Grand Champion or Challengers Placement categories will be scouted by the Team Trials program. If you are already in the team class, you will not be part of the Team Trials.


What are the benefits of joining Team Class?

· Members of the team class are given much more time to improve themselves and their performance ability than in the regular class.

· In the team class, you will be taught more extracurricular forms geared towards performance and showmanship.

· You will also be challenged and pushed harder than in the normal class. This will condition your mental persistence.

· Members of the team class will also be coached more into improving their acrobatics. The acrobatics is similar to what you practice in gymnastics but with a Kungfu focus. 


Why should you join the Team Class?

· Become an athlete at the professional level: The Team Class will condition you to perform what many people around the world could only wish to be able to do.

· Compete and perform: The team Class will prioritize you for performances as to build up your experience and repertoire.

· Create a community: Team Class members all have a very focused mindset. As a result, they all play a very influential role in helping each other improve.


1) Limited registrations will be accepted at the door- No refunds after registration Except for cancelled events.

2) The In-house tournament, which was interrupted by the pandemic, finally returns this year.

The tournament requires a total of 50+ people in order to proceed. If the number does not exceed 50, the tournament will be canceled. The overall competition time is calculated according by a minimum of 50 people with 3 forms and 3 minutes / 60 seconds per form and 2 Rings, so we can allocate time and personnel.

3) Competition venues are organized in conjunction with registration and actual work requirements; If the event hold at SKZ there is no admission fee for spectators; If the event use an externally rented venue, spectators will be required to purchase tickets (EST: $10—$15 / per), and the information will be updated.

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