SKZ Teacher’s Assistant Ethan Carr

I am Ethan Carr,
I am sixteen years old
Belt level: Black Belt 1st Duan
I am currently attending Leland High School. Of the sixteen years I have been alive, I have l practiced Kung Fu for nine of them. Throughout these years I have dedicated to Kung Fu, I have had the opportunity to achieve my Black Belt, train in China, compete tournaments including an international one, and I have become a member of the USA Kung Fu national team. These experiences have changed my life, and I wish to help others experience these things as well.

Outside perspective:

Ethan is a very high tension and very self-motivated individual. He is not afraid of putting a full 100% in every thing he does. Currently, he has a very deep level of understanding of fundamental Kungfu, extracurricular Sanda, and contemporary wushu as well. As a TA, he focuses a lot on fundamentals and strong basics.

Classmate feedback:

I am Leonardo Price,
I am 17 years old. 
I am Black Belt 3 Duan. 
Ethan is a very important student and teacher for SKZ. His understanding of high level movements is on another level, and he is determined to keep learning more. He is able to teach anyone because he has experience in a lot of different areas of Kungfu. This allows him to help people to gain an understanding of the forms he is teaching even when the student isn’t able to take it in at first. This is why he is a great TA.

Andrew Feng
Black Belt 1st Duan
Leland high school
He has a deep understanding of the basics.

Dyrsti Roy
Red Black Belt
He’s good at pushing people to the limit.

SKZ Teacher’s Assistant Dakota Rockhill

My name is Dakota Rockhill

I am currently 16 years old

Belt Level: Orange Black

I go to Santa Teresa High School

I have been practicing Kung Fu at SKZ since the age of 5, although I stopped coming for 4 years, during which I was still practicing at home as much as I could. Kung Fu is one of the best parts of my day and I am always excited to come. I want to help the students get the most out of their classes and enjoy them as well.

Classmate Feedback:


My name is David Zhang

I am currently 12 years old

Belt level: yellow-black

Dakota Rockhill is an exemplary student and a very good teacher here at SKZ. Her understanding of Kung Fu and precision in movements is great. She is definitely qualified for teaching here at SKZ because she understands the students. She knows what they are good at and bad at, and she make an excellent job telling us on how to fix our mistakes. She is overall an amazing and nice person, and that is why she makes a good TA.