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Who are We?

Shaolin Kung Fu Zen guides students towards harmony of spirit and body along a path to achieve personal goals. Shaolin Kung Fu combines physical discipline and movement with Zen meditation during extensive practice. We promote modern martial arts methods and moral integrity, so students benefit from Shaolin philosophy and traditional Chinese Shaolin culture.

Who can we help?

Shaolin Kung Fu Zen teaches students of all ages (4 years old to senior citizens) and body types. Our teaching is tailored to age and aptitude. Our curriculum includes Northern and Southern style of Kung Fu, Sanda, Wushu, and Tai Chi exercises.

We have 4 Branches

San Jose Shaolin Cultural Center (Cultural Roots)

Dong Yue Taiji Silicon Velley Branch (Cultural Roots)

IWSD Core Member (Core Members)

USAWKF(Lifetime Members)

We offer:

  • Shaolin Kungfu & Zen(Fist Forms, Weapons)

  • Taichi / Qigong

  • Self-defense

  • Kids Kungfu Classes

  • Lion Dance Classes

  • Martial Arts Seminars

  • Kungfu Birthday Parties

Highlights and Key Points to Reassure Parents:

  *We will take any precaution necessary for safety.

  *We will provide a solid teaching staff

  *We have a rich and flexible curriculum

  *We’re close by for your convenience

Features of the SKZ:

We have been serving the community for 18 years, boasting spacious and bright classrooms, a stable team of teachers, regular class times, and a comprehensive teaching system. Here, students can refine their individual abilities under professional guidance.


Our students in turn give back to their community by volunteering and performing for local events.

Martial arts, as a unique traditional ethnic sport, places great emphasis on physical exercise, which can effectively improve body coordination and enhance physical fitness. The learning process also achieves training in both physical and psychological development. At the same time, learning martial arts can also establish a solid foundation for others.

SKZ has been established since 2006, and Studio students come from the following 37 different schools.

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