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Shifu Vincent Nguyen

I am Vietnamese American.


I went to Evergreen Valley College and took on a career in programming and computer construction.


At some point, I began to question whether I enjoyed the work of software development. From childhood I have always enjoyed physical activity and sports more than desk work. After I was given the opportunity to teach Kungfu at Shaolin Kungfu Zen, I decided this was something I would enjoy doing for the long run.


While learning about Chinese and Shaolin Zen culture, philosophy and lifestyles, I have learned that the wise are forever ignorant. This means that no matter how much I learn, or how skilled and physically adept I become, I will always have room to improve.


Through teaching Kungfu, I have come to realize that there are many skills out there that can't normally be taught or learned through general education. As I attended school, I would only socially interact with groups I was comfortable with and neglected to communicate with a general audience. As I teach in classes, I have come to realize that Kungfu helps other students along with myself with these social skills. Social ability isn't restricted to verbal application but it is also a psychological and physical skill as well.

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