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Grand Master Andy Ye Xinglie

Founder of Shaolin Kungfu Zen, Grand Master Xing Ye began his training at the age of 8 at the Songshan Mountain Shaolin Temple in the Henan Provence of China.

When he arrived at the temple, Master Xing was eager to train hard in order to advance in the mysterious and beautiful ways of Wushu.  Over time, however, the physical and mental demands of his training pushed him to a point of exhaustion and despair.  It was in the kindness and encouragement of his grandfather that Xing Ye found the resolve to complete his training and earn the title “Double Whip King.”

Since his departure from the temple, Xing Ye has traveled extensively, performing Wushu in over 30 countries and winning many national and international awards.

As a teacher and coach, he has worked as an instructor at the College of Physical Education, Three Gorges University, China, and has been head coach for foreign teachers and students at CTGU.

Among his many awards, Master Xing holds three gold medals from the 1998 International Wushu Championship, as well as first place in the 2000 Shaolin Boxing Contest Soft Weapon Games.

After coming to the U.S., Master Xing successfully organized the First Chinese International Martial Arts Competition held in 2005, and The Northern California Chinese Culture-Athletes Federation & International Martial Arts Tournaments of 2006 and 2007.  Master Xing has also been invited to teach Traditional Chinese Sports by Wisdom Culture & Education Organization since 2006.

Through the years, Master Xing has trained over 5,000 students in California alone, and his San Jose studio currently hosts over 300 students.

Shaolin Kungfu embodies the highest tradition of Wushu, and it is the life passion of Master Xing to carry into the world the beauty of Shaolin Wushu culture.

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