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Benefits of Kung Fu

Kung Fu is not just a physical exercise but it is also an exercise of the mind. It is a holistic mind and body life changing discipline.  Kung Fu has numerous benefits.

1.Kung Fu basic stances, kicks, punches, and fundamental moves develop every muscle in the body and assist in learning the complex hand and weapon forms.

2.Kung Fu, if practiced 2 - 4 times/week, improves fitness. High intensity training promotes muscle and cardiovascular development, stamina, and flexibility. It lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation, immune system, etc.

3.Kung Fu teaches self-defense, combat, and self-control. It is all taught in a mindset of safety and consideration of others. Mind and body strength give students self-confidence.

4.Traditional Kung Fu hand/weapon forms condition students’ physique, alertness, and reflexes. It keeps their mental and physical abilities in sync. They are pushed to step out of their comfort zone to learn new proven forms.

5.The intensity and focus required in each form build stamina, resilience, and focus in all students of all ages. It truly encourages students to be active and outgoing. They learn how to lead or be led when necessary in order to grow. It teaches the value of hard work and etiquette.

6.Kung Fu exercises and techniques improve joint, tendon, and muscle health. Flexibility in Kung Fu is most valuable as it improves overall body efficiency allowing an individual to accomplish high reach movements while deploying relatively minimum effort.

7.Kung Fu learning comes not only from the Shifu but also from peers, and from self-motivation and individual practice time. Students perform and practice in group. They can choose to get involved in competition. They develop a sense of community, learn how to become more assertive, and develop leadership skills along the way.

8.Kung Fu gives focus to students excel in other unrelated activities such as learning musical instruments, sports, new study topics, etc.

What is Kung Fu?

In Chinese, Kung Fu means any skill, not only martial arts, that takes hard work and effort to achieve. Practice makes perfect is Kung Fu by definition. Kung Fu is generally mistaken as the only form of Chinese Martial Arts. Actually, there are many forms of Chinese Martial Arts such as Wushu, Qigong, and others; they all require hard work and diligence to perfect. Kung Fu is a Chinese martial arts designed to refine body and mind, and it is perhaps one of the most widely known martial arts because of its popularity in the film industry. Kung Fu students quickly learn the true meaning of hard work.

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