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2024 Kungfu Enrichment Summer Camp Week 1

Despite being a 6 hour long a day program, the students are able to stay engaged in the program due to a variety of activities. The hard Kungfu training is frontloaded into the first two hours of camp using up most of their energy in the first half of the program. As a result of this, their energy and fatigue must be managed throughout the day.


The pace in which the students were learning was surprising. During the camp, the students learned three different forms simultaneously without any need to have the forms adapted for a more beginner friendly audience. While their learning efficiency for Kungfu was great, arts and crafts was more of a challenge. While some students were able to cruise by their crafts projects with ease, others went at a more gradual pace.


As everyone’s forms were learned quickly and efficiently, this gave more time for them to focus on quality and details. Since their memory of the forms were already good, they used their time on improvement. For many students in this program who have regular Kungfu classes, the summer camp has improved their overall performance as well.


It’s very enjoyable to teach students forms not normally taught in the classroom. It’s also a big surprise to see how quickly students strive to learn in the classroom. The cultural activities are also a nice change in pace to the normally strong and aggressive Kungfu class.


This first week was a success as the class served as a great learning experience for both the students and the teacher.

We look forward to our next week of Kungfu Enrichment Summer Camp!


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