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3/19/2023 Testing Groups

Congratulations to all the students who passed the belt test during this exam period. All the students have worked very hard and performed wonderfully! Everyone should be proud of themselves continuing to work hard and persevere! Thank you to all the parents, friends and family for your encouragement and support of the students. Your support has played a vital role in the students' Kungfu journey, growth, and development.

Vijay Sethuraman Yellow Belt

Parsa Paysarvi Yellow Black Belt

Amy Liu Green Belt

Atharv Tankhiwale Green Belt

Elon Mathew Green Belt

Meher singh Nagi Green Belt

Michael Qi Green Black Belt

Reuben Tomaz Green Black Belt

Shriya Viswanathan Green Black Belt

Tiffany Sun Purple Black Belt

Visu Subramanian Purple Black Belt

Isabelle Khouri Orange Black Belt

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