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Simonds Elementary Multi-Cultural Day

When: 5/13/2022 Friday

Where: Simonds Elementary School

Who Participated:

Cayden Ye, Jayden Yan, Shriya Viswanathan, Evan Zhang, Tiffany Sun, Kalvi Jay, Anvika Bhatnagar, Gurvir Singh, Viaan Gaba, Zarmina Haque, Pragya Viswanathan, Ved Karthik, William Ying, Yash Sethuraman, Daniel Xu,

Odin Maxwell, Ethan Carr, Vandan Patel, Justin Lai, Ocean Fleskes, Dakota Rockhill

What was Performed?

We performed Shaolin Kungfu. Most communities know about Kungfu but don’t know that it comes in many practices and many forms. The style in which we teach and share with others is Shaolin Kungfu. Shaolin Kungfu is a long running practice with a history spanning over 1500 years. Many of our students practice with the desire of visiting or re-visiting the Shaolin Temple to see the roots of what they’ve been practicing.

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