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5/5/2022 Mask Regulations Update

Dear SKZ Member / Families,

Starting this June 2022, we will be further easing up on our mask regulations.

As the topic of mask regulations have come into question again, we have decided to once again address this topic formally:

· - We will continue to follow the standard government pandemic safety guidelines. As our establishment is a place of business.

· - We will be giving our students the freedom of choice whether or not they wish to wear masks starting from the month of June.·

- As mask requirements are becoming more lenient and the risk of COVID-19 infection spreading has become reduced, mask requirements will be lifted. Although students will no longer be required to wear masks, we still strongly recommend that they continue to do so out of courtesy. Our staff is very limited and if even a single staff member becomes ill, SKZ as a whole will be impacted by a large margin. Any students who take a long term break or vacation from SKZ should get themselves tested before returning to classes again.

· - We will update everyone on any further changes there may be on mask regulations as summer approaches.

Thank you for your understanding and supporting us for keeping the safe and healthy environment for our members!

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