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Mother's Day Event/Family Workshop Push Hands Seminar

(Open Class One Time only)

1.Date & Time:

5/10/2019 Friday 7:10-8:00pm, Space limited 20-40 Members Only.

2.Who Can Come? All SKZ students And Parents.

3. Requirements: Students should bring uniforms and sign their cards. It is a social practice that helps with bonding with family, friends. Free for Family members and friends! Welcome to join with your kids / friends.

4.Who are the Seminar Instructors?

International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association Push-Hand team members.

5.Why are we holding this seminar?

A. For the May 18th tournament.

B. To help students learn and study.

C. To practice push hands without free footwork.

* What is push hands?

Push Hands is derived from Tai Chi. The style was devised for both barehanded combat and for spear combat. Recently, Push Hands is not only an exercise for development or fighting style, but it is also a competitive sport. Competitive Push hands has two types: one is practicing without free footwork and other is foot moving with hand pushing.

*What is Push Hands for?

A. Push Hands is good for training people to defend themselves calmly if attacked.

B. Push Hands is a martial arts sport that involves no strikes or aggressive grappling to avoid chances of injury.

C. Push Hands teaches the fundamental principals of Rooting, Yielding and Releasing Force.

D. It’s a social practice that helps with bonding with family, friends and acquaintances. It teaches you how to read your opponent’s movements.


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