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New Look for the New Year Kungfu Zen Mural

The walls now give a more refreshing and welcoming feeling. The tan colored walls were painted a more vibrant golden yellow. We picked a color that would open the eyes of our students more and give them more energy as they attend classes for extended amounts of time. The gray parts are now white to continue to brighten up the room. We also added a mural that represents Shaolin Kungfu and SKZ.

The parent and audience reactions were very positive. The mural gives the feeling that they’re going to a special location. The mural to them is much like a piece of the Shaolin Temple was brought to America.

The entirety of the Kungfu studio was repainted. Every wall and every corner was repainted to give SKZ a brand new look.

The belts hung up near the ceiling were taken down, but students will still be able to figure out the belt order if they know where to look.

Overall, we wanted to give our students a better perspective on our Kungfu culture and give them guidance in Kungfu as a whole.

Color and Culture

-- Golden Yellow: This color is warm and welcoming. Like the sun, it lights our path and enables us to see more.

-- White: Clean and pure, this color is like a blank sheet of paper. This color represents the potential to learn.

In the mural, there are people with different skin colors. This is not a representation of good and evil but a representation of cultural diversity.

In the mural, there are many hidden secrets.

Secrets in the Kungfu Mural

Belt Levels are listed in order in the Kungfu mural.

The Black Belts are the Shifus.

The mural includes people of different racial backgrounds. This encourages cultural exchanges.

The pictures include parts from our sparring forms.


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