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Refund Policy

One session of summer camp is the sum of the camp tuition along with a convenience fee. ($35.00).

· The convenience fee is non-refundable.

This year, we will allow full refunds on the camp tuition hence the following condition.

· Your cancellation request must be received via email before / on 4/30/2024.

If your cancellation request is received after 4/30/2023. You will receive a 50% refund of the camp tuition or credit in the full amount of the camp tuition to be used in the future.

We do not offer refunds or credit after camp has begun.

· We do not offer refunds or credit for missed days or classes due to illness or other emergency reasons.

· We do not offer refunds or credit for missed days or classes if a child is sent home due to behavioral issues.

If we must cancel the summer camp program for any reason before the camp starts, we will provide a full refund for the camp tuition. (Note: If the number of students DOES NOT reach the Minimum required head count till the 30th of April. )

If we must cancel camp for any reason after camp starts, we will provide a prorated refund of the camp tuition.

To request a cancellation, please email us at

Late Pick-Up Policy

It is important for all campers to be picked up on time. We will enforce a $1 late fee per minute for every child past the official camp session end time.

Visitor Policy

For our students’ safety, health, and quality of their education, there will be no interruptions allowed during class hours from outside visitors. If you need to pick up your child early, please contact our staff to arrange a pick-up time.

Illness and Injury Policy (Not COVID-19 related)

Please read the following to understand how we handle situations involving illnesses during camp.

· If your child has symptoms of a cold, flu, chicken pox, skin rash, fever or any kind of contagious illness, please keep your child at home to rest and notify us of his or her absence.

· If your child shows any symptoms of illness at camp, our staff will notify the parent/guardian, for the emergency contact person as indicated on the registration form to take the child home. The child will be removed from class and placed in the care of adult staff members while waiting for pick-up.

· Please inform our staff if your child is bringing prescription medications such as an inhaler or EpiPen to camp. Prescription medications must remain in its original packaging with the child’s name and pharmacy contact on the label.

Please read the following to understand how we handle situations involving minor accidents and injuries during camp.

· Minor injuries and accidents such as small cuts, nosebleeds, abrasions, or bruising will be handled appropriately by our staff. Treatment given may include sanitizing the area of injury, applying bandages, compression, icing, etc. All minor injuries and subsequent treatment will be put on record and parents will be informed at camp check-out.

· In the case of more serious injuries that may require over the counter (OTC) medication, we will still apply the proper treatment, unless the parent does not give permission in the registration form for the administering of OTC medication (Tylenol/acetaminophen, Advil/Ibuprofen, Benadryl/antihistamine, Pepto Bismol/Tums/antacid/anti-gas). We will notify the parent immediately following the injury and allow the option of early pick-up at the parent’s request.

Please read the following to understand how we handle medical emergencies or major injuries during camp.

· Parents will be notified immediately following a medical emergency or major injury. Our camp staff will provide the recommended course of action, but still act as instructed by the parent. If the parent cannot be reached, we will notify the emergency contact instead.

If the parent or emergency contact cannot be reached in an emergency or if a delay of proper care would imperil the life of a child, a physician, selected by an adult staff member in charge, may hospitalize, secure proper X-ray examination, anesthetic, and/or prescriptive, medical, dental, or surgical diagnosis and/or treatment deemed necessary to be rendered under the supervision of a licensed physician or surgeon. This may include contacting 911 and utilizing emergency transportation before parents are notified.

Camper Behavior Policies and Consequences

Camper Behavior Policies and Consequences

USA Shaolin Kungfu Zen is committed to creating a positive learning environment for our students. Student behavior should complement our efforts to create a safe, orderly and inviting environment.

Please read the following to understand how we handle behavioral issues that may arise during camp.

· Minor conflicts that arise in the classroom may be resolved by our high-school-aged camp Teacher Assistant. Disciplinary actions and consequences may include separating campers in a conflict, a short-term removal from activities, or a visit to the camp office for counseling and guidance from an adult staff member.

· Major behavioral issues that involve bullying, physical violence, and sexual harassment will always be escalated to an adult in charge and parents will be informed. The severity of the conflict will determine if the child must be sent home for the remainder of the day or camp session.


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