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SKZ Teacher Assistant Kaylee Wibowo

I am Kaylee Wibowo,

I am currently 16 years old.

Belt Level: Black Belt 2nd Duan

Currently, I am a junior attending Archbishop Mitty High School. I have been practicing kung fu since I was 6 years old; as of 2023, I will be coming into my 10th year at SKZ.

As I’ve traversed through my kung fu journey, I’ve had the opportunity to be in multiple tournaments, from local to international, earn my black belt, and accumulate a wealth of experiences that will continue to shape who I am today and later on in life.

Kung fu has been an inseparable part of my identity and youth, and I wish to help give other students the same type of amazing experience I’ve had here.

Congratulations to Kaylee Wibowo on becoming a member of the National Kungfu Team


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