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Vandan Patel

My name is Vandan Patel. I am 15 years old and I go to Leland High School. I have been doing Kung Fu for almost 6 and a half years. I initially started practicing Kung Fu as a small activity during the week but over time my love for Kung Fu strengthened.

Practicing and learning Kung Fu has played a very important role in shaping myself. Kung Fu has helped me become less shy. Kung Fu has also assisted me in becoming calmer and controlling my senses. It has also helped increase my ability to lead.

Hello, my name is Vandan Patel and I am 15 years old. I have been doing kung fu for 6 years and all of those years have made a huge impact on my life. I have learned many things and I’ve developed several training habits which have helped me inside and outside of kung fu. These habits have helped shape the way I do things in life. One of these habits is stretching. At first I dreaded it. The last thing I wanted to ever do. I would deliberately try and avoid it, especially during the summer when shifu had us do splits. Slowly but surely I learned the countless benefits of increasing your flexibility and before I knew it stretching had become a vital part of any physical exercise be it running, kung fu, or calisthenics. I also developed mental habits along with the aforementioned physical ones. The habit of trying to do the best that I could is very important to me. It helps me sharpen my forms and get the most out of me. I have learned to not be ok with just ok but rather strive for the best that I can do. This mental habit was extremely important as it not only changed the way I learned and practiced Kung Fu but frankly also how I would live my life. Overall Kung Fu has helped me tremendously make habits that play a large role in my training and my life.


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