Grand Master | Xing Ye (Andy)

Master Xing, founder of Shaolin Kungfu Zen, an international association started in 2007, has taught and performed Wushu in over 30 countries. He has won Wushu Championships both nationally and internationally, and has coached extensively both in China, and the U.S. To date, Master Xing has taught more than 5000 students in California alone, and his San Jose Almaden Valley studio accommodates more than 300 students of both Kungfu and Tai Chi. Read more.


Teaching Assistant | Vincent Nguyen

I am Vietnamese American. I went to Evergreen Valley College and took on a career in programming and computer construction. I began,though, to question whether I enjoyed the work of software development. From childhood I have always enjoyed physical activity and sports more than desk work. After I was given the opportunity to teach Kungfu at Shaolin Kungfu Zen, I decided this was something I would enjoy doing for the long run. While learning about Chinese and Shaolin Zen culture, philosophy and lifestyles, I have learned that the wise are forever ignorant. This means that no matter how much I learn, or how skilled and physically adept I become, I will always have room to improve. I also have learned that people can achieve anything as long as they put in the effort demanded. With a big will, any mountain becomes a mound. I will hope my future in Shaolin Kungfu Zen along with other students will have bright horizons.


Teaching Assistant | Erik B. Suarez

I began Martial arts training at the age of 10. I started in the traditional style of Chinese Kenpo, followed by traditional Tae Kwon Do. At the age of 18 I received my first black belt. My love for the martial arts has changed my life over the years. Now I’m currently training at Shaolin Kungfu Zen Academy under one of the most respected and greatest master I have come to know. Master Ye has taught me the right way of the martial arts. My goal is to continue training the traditional and modern ways of the Shaolin Kungfu and Zen meditation. I been in SKZ for nearly 6 years and I can definitely say I feel the changes; Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally. Shaolin Kungfu has not just help me fulfill myself, but it has helped me achieve my goals academically: I’m an honor student, which is something I proud of achieving.