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Online Class Rules:
1.Join the class please change into Regular Kungfu Uniforms, put on your Kungfu Shoes or barefoot is depending on your floor. 
2.Always remember that safe specific space 10'X10' and taking whole class are recommended.
3. Join in on time, DO NOT be late for more than 5 mins. 
4. Once join the class please rename, mute and turn on the video camera.
5. Younger kids / under 6 years old, We recommend and encourage one of the parents to join with and help out during the class session.
6. If you have questions or need to leave the class please raise your hand or unmute to ask a permission. Or please send an email or test message to us after class about your question or concern. 

Access SKZ Virtual class: 
Please E-mail to get access information.


USA Shaolin Kungfu Zen Academy
(408) 806-0155

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