My name is Anjulee Rusnak. I am 16 and I am a Junior enrolled at Leland High School. I enjoy learning new things, reading, and running. I have been doing Kungfu since I was 7 years old.

When I started Kungfu, I was 7 years old. I was a small timid child, and was brought into Kungfu to learn how to be stronger. Throughout the years I have been able to grow my self-confidence, self-discipline, and to always push myself when it is hard. Through Kungfu I have learned to believe in myself and always try my best. Although you may not get it the first time, if you continue practicing, it will eventually happen.

I grew up being taught to be motivated, to want to achieve new things. When I first started Kung Fu I was motivated by my mom. She wanted me to grow as a person and learn more, and to feel culturally connected. Through the years of practicing Kung Fu, my perspective has changed. Now my motivation comes from myself, and from people that believe in me. Kung Fu has always taught me to never give up, and to always try my best. As I grow older I realize that any motivation can come from personal wants or desires but one can believe they can be better. Kung Fu has helped me grow in this aspect, of self-reliance and assurance because of my capability. I continue to motivate myself by having a strong mentality, surrounding myself with ambitious people, and working hard for what I want. Training and working for things one desires is always difficult, but nothing in life is handed to us on a golden platter. We must all train our mind and body to work together to achieve any goal. My close friends have also taught me how to be even more motivated, by being positive and by seeing a bigger picture. Overall, the lessons I’ve learned through Kung Fu have allowed me to stay motivated for events in every day of my life.

I have been doing this for 7 years (2012) and Kung Fu had really taught me a lot over the past years. Although I was 9 when I first started coming here, I still enjoyed doing it as a really fun hobby that I enjoy.

How Kung Fu helped me over the years was that it made me control my temper in some ways since I had anger problems and it also helped me build strength since I’m not really that good in arm strength, leg strength, and other strengths and over the years I’ve gotten more motivated than before since my friends and family really support me in what I do and they do enjoy it and I really appreciate that support from them.

I started doing Kung Fu 7 years ago and back then as a 9 year old, I didn’t really apply anything to it but as a hobby. But as I got older, I started to apply it to my everyday life. I’ve gotten more interested than ever before and became more open about it. For the school part, I love to talk about Kung Fu to my friends and my peers. When I talk to my peers about Kung Fu, they get amazed on what I do and simply for some of them they get really interested to the point were they want to learn it from me and I really love the support they have on me in Kung Fu. Simply the Kung Fu community is growing with new learners or students who wants to learn about the culture of Kung Fu and our styles of Kung Fu. But mostly, not everyone in this world knows the existence of Shaolin were Kung Fu originates from and it’s pretty interesting to learn about it because what we students use comes from there. For the most part, I will imply Kung Fu in my everyday life by talking about it to people and spread the culture of it.

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