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2024 Lion Dance Performance (Almaden Library)

2/17/2024 Almaden Library Community Center We were invited by the Almaden Library to do a lion dance performance during Chinese New Year.

Our team class students had been rehearsing for this event about a month before hand. On the day of the performance, our students were more excited for the event than nervous. Even though they had only completed their lion dance routine a few days before the performance, they didn’t seem as nervous as they were during competitions.

They marched into the library as lions and into the kid's area where they performed for many of the younger children. This year, we took measures to improve the quality of our lion dance. Both the performance and the music have become more organized and refined.

The audience as a result reacted to the performance rather well. There were many happy faces and the audience enjoyed interacting with the lions. We look forward to next year’s lion dance and team growth as well!


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