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3/17/2024 California Shaolin Temple Day in SKZ

In 2004, the California State House of Representatives and senate had officially established March 21st as California Songshan Shaolin Temple Day. As a result, we have put up a large veil sporting a picture of the Shaolin Temple. By showing students a large image of the Shaolin Temple, It gives them the feeling that they’re training directly on the temple grounds in China.

We hope that this inspires students to take interest in the origins of the Kungfu they are practicing and motivates them to work harder.

This state event is a nice way of bringing attention to the value of Shaolin Kungfu and the culture that revolves around it. If the picture of the temple inspires our students to work hard,

we look forward to the day we can all visit the real temple in person together. Happy California Shaolin Temple Day!


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