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3/4/2024 SKZ Belt Test in Enlighten Chinese School

March 4, 2024, Belt tests help both the students and the teachers. They help students understand more about their own strengths and weaknesses. By knowing these things, they can take steps to improving themselves.

They help teachers understand what works and what doesn’t work when teaching students. As teachers assess student progression, it enables teachers to make any necessary changes to the curriculum for a more optimal result.

On Monday March 4th, 2024, we held a belt test at Enlighten Chinese School. Six students participated in the test demonstrating what they learned with their time spent with us at the Chinese School. Tensions were much higher than how normal classes would go.

The students were visibly more nervous, but at the same time, they were much more serious. After having the test procedures explained to them step by step, they had begun their test and didn’t hold back at all. They were powerful, expressive and focused.

The testers performed well during the test. They just needed to perform as they had practiced many times. Their ages varied by a large margin, and as a result, their performance varied as well.

The younger testers needed to focus more on memorization while the older students needed to focus more on vocalization. In the end everyone performed much better than originally anticipated.

The parents were excited to see their kids performing and breaking boards. They were also happy to hug their kids to congratulate them on their next belt levels.

Thank you to the parents for showing up to support your children! We hope you enjoy watching them as they continue to advance in belt levels.


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