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Divjeev Sohi

In Kungfu, I faced multiple challenges, two of them being flexibility and conditioning. In the beginning, I could not hold a mabu for more than a minute, but with practicing forms and conditioning, I was able to hold a mabu for a minute and 30 seconds, then for 2 minutes, and so on. Also, when I started Kungfu, I was not flexible at all. My stances were extremely high. As time went on, every day of class, I would slowly improve my stances and soon was able to do a proper mabu and a bow stance. Kung fu has also helped me in sports like baseball and basketball. For baseball, you must concentrate on what is happening during every play. Kung Fu has also helped me increase my agility and reaction time which helped me in baseball. In baseball, you need to react fast when you have a ball coming at you or up to bat. Kungfu has helped me in basketball because you are constantly running back and forth in basketball, getting rebounds means you could be sprinting across the court for a whole quarter. Kungfu has helped me with conditioning. It has allowed me to run or jog for long periods of time. Also, in basketball, you need to have good ball-handling skills, and to have this skill, you need to be very agile and have a perfect reaction time. Overall, Kung Fu has helped me a lot in multiple categories of fitness. It has enabled sports and daily activities. Most importantly, it has helped me become a better person.


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