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Dong Yue Tai Chi

Dong Yue Taiji Quan was first introduced at the first glimpse of dawn, upon the arrival of the New Millenium, atop Tai Shan, China’s most easterly sacred mountain, demonstrated by Professor Men, Hui-Feng from Beijing University of Athletic, Wushu Department.

Toward end of year 1999, Professor Men was recommended by the National Athletic Bureau Wushu Research Institute to manage this project.

He accepted the challenge and soon submerged into the works with his wife Professor Gan, Gui-Xiang whom equally is a well-respected member of Beijing University of Athletic in the Wushu Department. After some sleepless nights and numerous revisions later, they have completed their task. They named the new set of Taiji movement, Dong Yue Taiji Quan, to commemorate its location.

This set has combined Taiji movements from the five traditional Taiji families: Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun and Wu.

It was recorded that through international satellite broadcast system, 400 million people in this globe were watching Professor Men’s demonstration at the same time and witnessed this spectacular moment together! Fourteen years later today, both Professors Men and Gan have written and developed series on Dong Yue Taiji forms, including Dong Yue Taiji Quan’s Competition Form, Sword, Sabre, Spear and Staff.

They have not only added new breath to this growing Taiji world, they have at the same time, continue to promote one of China’s unique culture which was rooted thousands of years to various corners of the world.

May the practitioners find improvement in Health & Harmony.

东岳太极拳首度面世是在千禧年第一度曙光出现时, 由北京体育大学武术系教授门惠丰,在中国五岳之冠 – 泰山峰顶特设的平台上, 示范此具有中国代表性的传统文化,在1999年底获国家体育总局武术研究院推荐并接受担此重任。

门惠丰教授与同是北京体育大学武术系教授的夫人阚桂香, 即忙着创编一套新的太极拳套路来迎接这个新世纪.在极度有限时间内,多次敖夜及几番删改后完成了任务。

基于泰山是五岳中位于最东面的山脉及在人文历史里被冠以圣山之美名;择此地演练故命名为东岳太极拳。它包含了陈、 杨、吳、 孫、武五家的特點綜合而成。


十四年后的今天, 门惠丰与阚桂香教授已陆续箸编了东岳太极系列, 包括东岳太极拳二路(竞赛套路)、剑、刀、枪和棒,在太极文化的领域里增添色彩;同时也为中国独特的太极文化不断宏扬到世界各地做出了积极的贡献,东岳太极拳的问世希望对众多太极拳练习者带来康健与祥和。


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