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Erik Suarez

My life has been martial arts. I started at the age of 12. I started training two systems at a very young age. Tae Kwon Do and Chinese Kenpo. Ever since I have never stopped. At the age of 39 my journey and my path have no sign of ending.

I can never stop learning because martial arts is a way of life for me. It has changed my attitude and how I focus on my own life. Martial arts has benefitted me especially in my health, but Shaolin martial arts and culture have fine tuned my persona; A happy healthier life. Amitoufo!!!

Shaolin, that word brings a warm and comfortable feeling every time I say it.

Being a student of Shaolin has tough me many things in life. That if I was to express them all I would have to write a book. But in this case, I can express three lesson that I have learn from Shaolin and its Culture. Fist: it has taught me to be focus I life and on my training. Second: it has changed my Body, Mind and Spirit by making me stronger both Physically and Mentally. Mind wise I see things differently now; I don’t let difficult things become so difficult in both training and work. Spirit wise it has taught me to be compassionate, kind and always happy. No need to always be angry.

And third: Shaolin has taught me the most valuable lesson of them all, and that is that nothing should be difficult in life, because the world is like a big training studio it is there for us to train hard and advance in life always.

My most memorable moment that joins tradition and memory is to have share with my Shifu a spiritual and cultural moment. That moment was Shifu Ye (Shi Yan Xing) teaching me the path of spirituality and respect to Buddha and Damo up in Damo’s Cave. He shared not just his traditions, but his childhood memories of him running to that same mountain to pay respect to Damo. I will cherish my China trip to Shaolin with my Shifu for the rest of my life and will continue with the same path on my own too.

Because of Shaolin Culture, I have developed a big love for Shaolin, I aspire to become a great Shifu to study Buddhism Zen and become both a Shaolin Kun-fu Master and Zen Master as well. like my Shifu and my Grand Shifu; Shi Yan Xing and Shi De Cheng I want to become a true shaolin warrior monk. Amituofo!!!

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