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Gavin Liu

As nervous as I am speaking here, It will not let it get to my head and disturb my speech. Because all I am thinking about today is my gratitude for Kungfu. All of the seeds that were planted into my head and body, the seeds that continue to grow today, and the seeds that sprouted flowers. As many plants as there are, the ones that bloomed during my Kung-fu journey are my perseverance, my people skills, and my mindset. Kung-fu really helped me learn how to persevere through things. Not just running, or doing the cool moves and forms, but really how to deal with tough times and events, how to walk through them and keep on pushing forward. For example, math class, it's boring and hard, what can you like about it? However, I still kept listening and was determined to finish that class to the very end. Even the journey from white to black was a test of endurance, to finish the tests, to listen to the lectures, to explore, to enter tournaments and to deal with others. Yep, another valuable skill I picked up, to deal with my fellow humans, in class I was often tasked to help others, or tasked to have another person help me, and sometimes tasked to help an entire group! This really helped me, before I started, I usually didn't say anything to anybody I met, but now? I just say hi, and the conversation starts rolling right after that. This was really helpful for making friends, especially when friends are needed most right now. My confidence and mindset too! I was never really confident and required people to praise me to feel better, although nobody praises me that much, I have changed my mindset so that I realize that you don't need praise, as long as you know you are getting better, you can continue going on. These skills will help me very much in the future and the time that we are going through. Thank you Kung-fu, Thank you mom and dad for supporting me and putting me to the challenge so I could grow, thank you Shifu for pushing me to my limits and fix my mistakes, thank you fellow students for helping me learn how to deal with others, and thank you for listening.

I love kung-fu!

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