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Congratulations To Dakota’s New Life In UC Davis!!

We wanted to make sure Dakota Rockhill had the most eventful Kungfu lifestyle before her life after high school graduation.

She participated in the Golden State International Wushu Championship with strong results. She spent weeks with other Kungfu students preparing for the competition and got amazing results.

Congratulations to Dakota for being accepted into University of California, Davis. UC Davis is well known for their agricultural and veterinary programs, as well as their campus sustainability.

We will be saying goodbye and congratulations to her as she will be spending the majority of her time on campus. We look forward to your return!

Q: What message would you give to anyone entering into high school or applying for college?

A: For those entering into high school, I’d say find a scheduled hobby or activity in or out of the school, because it gives your week more variety and stops you from being so overwhelmed with schoolwork. If you are applying to colleges, make sure to consider location and check what majors are offered. Most importantly, make sure the campus is somewhere you are comfortable both working and relaxing, because you will need downtime between classes and studying.

Q: What types of extracurriculars did you do?

A: Aside Frome Kungfu, I did FRC Robotics, Volleyball, Musical Theater, and K-pop clubs, all of which were through my school.

Q: What skills have you picked up in Kungfu or Highschool do you believe you would be able to take into college with pride?

A: Kungfu especially has given me a very good sense of respect and discipline in a learning environment, which has already benefitted me throughout high school, and will continue to do so in college. High School itself has helped me learn how to manage large course loads and given me a good idea of what to focus on in higher learning.


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