Jasper Wu

I am a sophomore in high school, and have been practicing Kung Fu for about 10 years. I enjoy learning Kung Fu and the people who I learn Kung Fu with.

Over the past years, Kung Fu has been really beneficial to me in my physical and personal life. Kung Fu has led me to respect others and has encouraged me to share ideas with other people. Due to this, I believe Kung Fu has made me a lot more social and comfortable around others, while keeping some form of respect and kindness towards the other people.

In Kung Fu, I really enjoy the diversity of different styles of Kung Fu in China. I really enjoy learning how the different styles have multiple different ways that they should be performed as opposed to other styles, and how they represent the culture in the region. For example, the large fist fighting styles of Kung Fu in the southern regions versus the kicks and smoothness in the North are only some of the few differences in Kung Fu throughout China. The uniqueness of Kung Fu styles and their influences really makes Kung Fu a lot more interesting and entertaining to watch and learn, as it takes a deep understanding to comprehend and master each style of Kung Fu. As a result, I really wish to learn more about the different Kung Fu styles as well as their history and applications. Some of these styles I do wish to learn more about are Taichi and more Shaolin weapon forms. Although it is a large investment, I do feel that learning more about the different styles makes it a lot easier and quicker to learn new forms, as the different movements will be able to connect to each other, and once you get the feeling of a certain style, it becomes easier to learn a new form. When learning a new style however, it will take some time to adjust and adapt to the feeling and aspects of the style.


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