Justin Yang

My name is Justin and I am a freshman in college at USC. I have been practicing kung fu for a long time, more than I can count.

I started to do Kungfu at a young age. Ever since elementary school, I have been heavier than other kids, and it was something that I was always insecure about. Kungfu has definitely allowed me to train my body in ways that I have never expected before. From doing basic training to the physical movements needed for the various different forms, it has allowed me to experience different movements that I would have never done alone.

One example that I can think of is cartwheels. I would have never thought that someone with my body would be able to do cartwheels. However, with constant practice and time, I was able to slowly develop the skills necessary to do a cartwheel. Kungfu has continued to push me to expand my horizons. Just a few days ago, Shifu has pushed me to become more flexible, and at first, the pain was too much to handle, but I still felt the positive effects on my flexibility.

Through step by step training, Kungfu has built up my strength, flexibility, and my agility in many different ways. The constant usage of the arms, legs, and the body in general has continuously built my muscles, and through that, I am able to perform many different movements. I originally was not able to do pop-ups, as it was simply just too hard for me, or so I thought. With practice, I slowly was able to start performing the general movement and I was able to continue to practice. Now, I am able to do pop-ups well.

Many of the forms require strength and power. I often keep my strength bottled up inside me, but with Shifu constantly pushing us to be the best that we can be for ourselves, it has also allowed me to see my full potential in everything that I do.

Doing Kungfu has opened up my physical abilities in ways that I never could have imagined, and I hope to continue to develop these skills and build up flexibility and strength in the future.

How did Kungfu benefit in your overall life?

Kungfu has made me grow not only physically but mentally as well. By practicality, Kungfu made me realize that my body was not in the best shape. As I continued to practice, my muscles and my overall body became stronger. It also benefitted me mentally by teaching me discipline and how to handle myself.

Thoughts on your own performance?

I thought that I did pretty well, as I tried my best in all of the different forms and basic movements, I think I was very powerful.

Explain how you were feeling before, during and after the test.

Before the test, I was feeling kind of nervous and scared for how the test was going to be. However, after the test started, I was not scared anymore and I started to become stronger and stronger. After we finished the test, I felt relieved and I hope I did well.


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