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Kungfu at Enlighten Summer Camp 2023(1st of 7)

This year we will be supporting Enlighten Chinese School for our Summer Camp over the period of seven weeks. We will be going over group forms, soft weapons, long weapons, short weapons, and extra forms as well. Our goal is to help students understand traditional folk culture, teach self-defense, and give an overall fun experience.

The first week is a class of twelve students each with their own vibrant and energetic personality. The class is mixed with kids ranging from kindergarten and higher. The class currently has 6 boys and 6 girls. Each person enjoys Kungfu their own way and shows great promise. The main Kungfu teacher for Enlighten Summer Camp is Vincent Nguyen and the supporting assistant teacher for this first week is Justin Lai.

This summer camp serves as a great learning experience for both the teachers and the students. The students get to experience new ways to exercise and enjoy themselves, while the teachers improve their craft and ability to help others. We will turn this summer into a fun time for all our students!


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