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Kungfu at Enlighten Summer Camp 2023(4th of 7)

We have just completed our fourth week of Kungfu at Enlighten Chinese School. This week was a smaller class with mostly younger students. There were 5 students this time with 3 girls and 2 boys.

One of the students by the name of Albert is from our regular Kungfu class. This week was taught by the Kungfu teacher Vincent Nguyen. This time, there was a lot of help from a TA who goes by the name of Jeremy. Unlike Justin Lai, he is not a student of SKZ. He is one of many helping TAs at the Summer Camp. He played with the kids, participated in the exercises, and communicated with the teacher very well.

This week’s main project was the Nunchaku. This form was very fun to learn for many students. They enjoyed hitting balloons with their nunchaku as both a training exercise and a game.

This week's classes started at 9AM instead of the previous 1PM. Because of this, the students were less affected by the summer heat. May the next weeks of summer camp be just as fun and entertaining.

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