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Kungfu at Enlighten Summer Camp 2023(6th of 7)

We are finishing our sixth week of Kungfu at Enlighten Summer Camp.

This week’s class has 7 students composed of 3 boys and 4 girls. 6 of the 7 students have taken at least one of the previous weeks of Kungfu at the Summer Camp with 1 student being completely new to Kungfu. With most of the students having been familiar with Kungfu from the previous weeks of Sumer Camp, The students were able to focus more on improvement on known content as well.

This week’s main project was the Staff. The staff form is a shorter version of our yellow/black belt level staff form designed to be easier to learn within a shorter period of time.

The students seem to enjoy seeing the longer version of the form being performed by Isaac as well.

We look forward to our last week of Summer Camp at Enlighten.


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