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Prabhjeev Sohi

Kung Fu helped my body with flexibility, muscle development, agility, and conditioning.

Some of the challenges my body had to endure to change were that I had very little flexibility and I had no conditioning. Kung fu helped me improve my flexibility by doing stretches and holding the stances in class. We also did splits which helped me with my flexibility and conditioning since we had to stretch as deeply as we could and stay there. Kung fu helped me improve my conditioning by making me hold the stances longer or holding the mabu since I couldn't hold the mabu for that long when I started. Kung fu helped with my agility since in some of our forms you have to go from doing a roll and then jumping and kicking and you have to be able to move fast. Doing those forms helped me become faster and improved my agility. Kung fu helped me with my muscle development since when we punched and kicked that increased my strength which also helped build muscle. All of this helped me in sports because during a baseball and game, you have to be flexible and have good agility, and have good conditioning. Kung fu helped me increase my flexibility, which helped me m baseball since when you play third base which I used to, you have to stretch for the ball when it is hit while keeping your foot on the base so all the stances and the splits we did helped me stretch farther. I also used to play in the outfield and when a ball is hit into the air I would have to run while turning around to look at the ball and more flexibility helped me. Increased flexibility helped me when I batted since I would have to turn my hips and the power to hit the ball comes from the hips. With more flexibility I could turn my hips farther which resulted m more power to hit the ball. Kung fu also helped me increase my agility which helped my baseball since when I want to score runs, I would have to run around the bases and I could move faster which helped me reach the bases. More muscle also helped me in baseball since you need muscle to throw the ball farther and with more muscle from kung fu, I could throw the ball farther which helped.


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