Shaolin Kungfu Zen(SKZ) 11th Generation Black Belt Advancement

Great news from SKZ! On October 11th 2020, we here at SKZ held our 11th generation Black Belt Advancement Test.

Without doubt, this is the time for the black belt testing in SKZ. Although we all had face masks on, and even though most of our family members observed from a distance, it couldn’t hinder the might of our unified strength, respect and spirit to explore throughout everyone’s eyes. We are proud to see that all of our testers passed and achieved what they have set out to accomplish.

Due to issues involving COVID-19, we were met with challenges involving social distancing and a change in format. The test needed to be split into two groups with a virtual audience instead of the usual first hand audience. The first group of testing students were Noah Liu, Daniel Naderi, Benjamin Steinhoff, Hayden Youn, John Xu, Justin Lai, Kyle Lai and Fiora Beratahani. The second group of testing students was Lukas Knappenberger, Ria Bhargava, Yash Bhargava, Victoria Liu, Ocean Fleskes and Justin Yang.

This time around, we had a higher number of University students testing than usual. Our testers also displayed great feats of athletical ability on top of their athleticism. They were also judged on their ability to publicly speak about their experiences and history with Shaolin Kungfu Zen in order to inspire others.

Let’s look forward to future growth of our black belts and black belts yet to be. We will be with you every step of the way!


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