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Tatiana Steinhoff

Kung-fu's effect on my social skills has changed me drastically from when I started. It has also shaped me into who I am today. Before I started Kung-fu I was very shy and wasn't confident in myself. Kung-fu has trained me through leadership skills, which has helped me talk more. Since I started socializing more with my classmates. I have become more confident and improved in my social life. Kung-fu also trains you to teach students who are both younger than you as well as older than you. It shows you that regardless of your age you can always help someone learn something as well as you can learn from others. It has helped me take leadership in school and Kung-fu groups. Kung-fu has given me the mental and physical skills to learn forms, understand them, and teach them to others. Everyone has something to teach to others and everyone has something to learn. Kung-fu has given me many skills that I will use throughout my life. From self-defense all the way to social and leadership skills. Kung-fu has had an everlasting effect on my life and has helped me change to be a better person.

I also want to say thanks to the shifu Andy and shifu Vincent for helping me learn in every Kung-fu class. Thank you to the judges for being here today to help in our testing. And a special thanks to my family. Especially my parents for being there for me and taking me to class and picking me up every class. Thank you.

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