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The Power of Wushu Performance 2023

6 students participated in the training.

The Power of Wushu performance was astounding and out of this world! This performance had athletes from China’s national Wushu team coming to the US to perform for An audience and hold a training session after for students who stayed behind. Before the performance, the event introduced a number of VIPs who came to watch including the mayor of Union City and other prominent figures. When the introductions came to an end, the audience became anxious for everything to begin. Every athlete demonstrated an air of professionality and confidence to match. They gave a great show of strength, agility and finesse with every step and every move. Some were launched into the air while others launched themselves. They showed great mastery of their bodies and forms.

When the performance came to an end, students from Kungfu schools all over San Jose gathered up for the follow up class after the performance. For many students, this was a very rare opportunity that they may never come by again. Or own students Cayden Ye, Colin Ye, Gavin Liu, Kara Neuhaus, Justin Lai and Carolyn Wu decided to join the class. They were taught many movements from another perspective than what’s normally taught in class. They were shown different fundamental basic movements, forms and acrobatic movements. They have gained a lot of experience from this rare event.

The last time China’s National Wushu Team came over to the US for a performance was over 30 years ago. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience for the student who attended.

Since the China National Wushu Team exchange event conflicts with the thanksgiving long weekend, the organizers decided to offer up performances tickets for free. However, there are only 18 tickets available till this Wednesday, first come first serve! To get the tickets please come to SKZ studio and ask Master Shifu Andy for them. We will be limiting the tickets to 2 per family. Taking a class with the CNWS team members is $200, the rates have been raised by the organizer starting from November 20th. Thank you. The Power of Wushu info. 1:30-3:00PM will be the performance. 3:30-5:30PM will be the training session. 11/26/2023 Sunday 1:30pm $30 1800 H St. Union City, CA 94587

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