Victoria Liu

Hello! My name is Victoria Liu, I am 14 years old, and I am testing for black belt. I started kung fu in fourth grade and now here I am, testing for black belt. This journey has been one for the books; I met so many amazing people and I have achieved many things. I could not be more grateful for everyone that has helped me through this journey.

How did Kungfu benefit in your overall life?

Kungfu has allowed me to meet more people and develop a more positive outlook on life. I have made so many friendships and memories, from meeting new people, to furthering old relationships. Kungfu made me develop a stronger mind and optimistic outlook in my life; without it I would not be able to achieve as many opportunities as I have.

Thoughts on your own performance?

I think I did well overall. I was not as powerful near the end due to exhaustion, but I did my best and tried my hardest.

Explain how you were feeling before, during and after the test.

Before, I was very anxious, excited and hurried to finish.

During the test, I was exhausted, proud and happy.

After the test, I was happy, relieved and thankful. I was proud of everyone including myself.


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