Yash Bhargava

I am Yash Bhargava. I am 18 years old and I am a freshman at UC Berkley planning to major in Computer Science and Data Science. I began to practice Kungfu in elementary school. Other than Kungfu I love hiking, basketball and badminton.

Kungfu has taught me many lessons. Now I have more self discipline in my life in general. I have carried these principals into my academics. I have learned leadership and to keep a positive outlook and apply it to high school and college.

How did Kungfu benefit in your overall life?

Ever since elementary school, I have been involved in Kungfu. Kungfu has taught me many lessons. Now, I have more discipline in my life in general. I have carved this principal from Kungfu into my general life and academics. In fact, this discipline made me work very hard in high school. Other than that, I learned leadership from the Shifu. Seeing the Shifu lead us and teach us forms also taught me to be a leader, and I carry that on into high school and college, moreover, I have developed a positive outlook in my life and look at “the glass half full” rather than the “glass half empty.” I have learned how to make friends pretty easily through Kungfu, and I carried that out in high school, and hopefully I can apply that in college. I hope Kungfu is something I keep up for a long time.

Thoughts on your own performance?

I feel that I did better than expected. I was best at my memory, forms and strength training My plans are to continue Kungfu in college and life. I need to improve on Mabu and splits.

Explain how you were feeling before, during and after the test.

Before the test, I felt anxious, scared and yet determined. During the test, I became more determined, comfortable and good overall. After the test, I regret not doing more beforehand but was still determined and happy.

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